"Stuart is a true visionary and, perhaps as importantly, someone who actually makes change happen. His amazing work continues to be the highlight of our elder residents' experiences in the many different communities we manage at AgeSong. This work is a true testament to human beings’ ability to grow and learn all the way into our ripe old age."

Nader Shabahangi, Ph.D.,Founder/CEO AgeSong Assisted Living

"The 2012 Festival would not have been anywhere near as successful without your contribution.  You truly elevated the quality of the conference.  Your expertise and insight was most welcomed during the small group discussions."

Arne Lindquist, President of Senior Theatre USA

"Your workshops were the highlights of our weekend in Washington and we have been incorporating many of the concepts which you shared with us."

Sue Salko, writer, workshop participant, American Society on Aging Conference

"Thank you so much for presenting in our inaugural Maine International Conference on the Arts. Your excellent presentation helped set the stage for the development of our Creative Aging program here in Maine."

Julie Richard, Executive Director